Janitorial & Food Service

It's hard to name an industry we don't serve with our janitorial, sanitary and food service supplies. From government buildings to nursing homes, schools to manufacturing plants, our products help you keep your facilities clean, safe and shining.


Brooms, mops, bleach, cleaners, towels, dispensers, spot remover, floor care and much more. Trust us — we know clean.

Cleaners & Disinfectants

We offer cleaners, degreasers, spot removal, glass cleaners, disinfectants, washroom products, insecticides, air fresheners and more.


Paper towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue and dispensers.

Mops & Brooms

Wet mops, dust mops, brooms, broom handles and associated items.


Soaps, soap dispensers and hand sanitizer are only the beginning.

Feminine Products

Napkins, tampons, disposable bags.


Every kind of cup, knife, fork, spoon, bowl or plate you need for your breakroom or company outing.

See what our customers are saying

“Snyder makes buying for all of my company’s needs effortless. Bob Schultz, my sales rep., makes sure the order is placed right away and will even bring orders by himself if I have overlooked anything. Snyder products are some of the best out there. It’s always a pleasure working with Snyder!”

Jake Eimer | Warehouse Manager | Jakks Pacific

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