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Cushion Manufacturing
Cushion Manufacturing
Cushion Manufacturing

Snyder enjoys a rich history of partnering with the furniture industry to deliver best-in-class custom cushions. We were one of the first companies to switch to CAD (computer-automated design) technology and the very first to introduce sonic welding for outdoor fabrics.

We make it easy for you. Send us your patterns, and we’ll develop the specs to deliver perfect, uniform cuts, every time. We work closely with your product development team to make sure the cushion you get is the right one for your needs. Need it fast? As one of the largest independent manufacturers with factories in Hickory, High Point, Newton and Conover, North Carolina, we don’t make you wait. Most orders ship within one week.

Outdoor Cushions

Our cushions are made from high-resiliency foam and enclosed in a waterproof cover sewn on our sonic-welding machines.

Down and Feather Cushions

Every seat cushion we make can be customized to provide the desired look and feel. Cushion options include those made with down and feathers only, foam-down cushions and spring-down cushions.

Spring Cushions

For long-lasting comfort, we provide a variety of inner spring cushions that produce the exact amount of firmness and seat-depth desired. These springs can be encased in a wide range of foam grades and wrapped in thermal-bonded fibers or encased in a jacket containing blown fiber.

Goose Down and Feather Pillows

We stock approximately 10 popular sizes of pre-made down/feather pillows that can be shipped quickly. All of our feathers are cleaned and processed using the finest equipment and detergents. All of our down and feather blends far exceed the requirements to be classified hypo-allergenic.


We supply any foam required to build furniture, from simple arm and back foam to high-density, high-resilience foams for outstanding performance. Our foam cushions are the most environmentally friendly foams on the market, CertiPUR-US®-certified while meeting/exceeding California’s stringent Prop 65 requirements. We can also provide foams that meet strict fire codes for special orders.

Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex & Expanded Polyethylene

High-density products with outstanding performance, these cushions offer the ultimate comfort in seating. Our natural latex contains no man-made materials. Our expanded polyethylene is made from recycled materials and is durable, washable, anti-microbial and drainable.

Micro-Denier Fiber

For a down-like feel and look, without the feathers, we provide ultra-soft, very fine and three-times-as-strong-as-silk micro-denier fiber.

Outdoor Fabric

Our outdoor fabric is a 3-layer, waterproof material that offers the highest amount of UV-protective additive on the market (6% versus the standard 2%).

Reticulated Foam

For drainable outdoor cushions, we carry several grades of reticulated foam that can be encased in a special mesh or made with a sewn, drainable cover.

Blown-Fiber Backs

Blown fiber is ideal for back cushions and pillows, offering various levels of back support and adaptable to multiple cushion styles. We stock a number of different fibers and casings.

We take pride in everything we do.
Our goal always is to make you look good.

CAD Technology

You need consistency. With our computer-automated design, we deliver. Faster set-up, perfect form. Every time.

Sonic Welding

We were the first to introduce sonic welding to outdoor fabric. Fabric is welded shut to keep water out, versus using traditional needle and thread to punch holes where water can get in.


The weakest part of a cushion is where fiber wraps around it, wearing down over time. Our Permacrown™ process (invented by Snyder) produces cushions with foam caps permanently cut into a crowned, contour shape. This is then combined with a core of high-resiliency foam and soft foam caps. With no fiber to flatten out or lose its shape, what was once the weakest part of a cushion is now the strongest.

The Snyder team works side-by-side with product development teams to collaborate on design, function and form—everything you need to deliver the cushions your customers need and deserve.

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